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SDN Academy

Software-Defined Networking is our industry’s most disruptive breakthrough since the Internet. SDN Academy enables networking companies and IT professionals to make the most of this opportunity. SDN Academy was formed around a group of Stanford University researchers who have been at the forefront of the SDN initiative since its inception. They have led the Open Networking movement for the past six years and spearheaded SDN’s development via countless demos, open source projects, tutorials and prototypes. Our founding team is augmented by network industry veterans whose experience helps to make the course content apply to practicing professionals. Our team’s unique experience and credibility has led to the creation of an integrated hands-on curriculum that will offer immediate returns to our students and their organizations.

Our value proposition


• Become a leader in SDN by bringing the best SDN knowledge to your workforce • Reduce time to market for SDN products & projects • Retain your best engineers


• Learn to think differently about this breakthrough paradigm • Advance your professional career by adding new-world skills • Become an invaluable asset to your organization


Our singularly focused mission to create highest quality education in Software-Defined Networking and Open Networking has yielded a comprehensive series of SDN courses. The carefully crafted curriculum addresses the technical education needs of a range of networking and IT professionals: architects, tech leads, developers, product managers, marketing engineers, system engineers and network administrators. SDN Academy’s course content is continuously updated to include the latest SDN innovations by the Academy’s team of experts and advisors.

Our Philosophy

Bring the SDN concepts to life and effectively impart advanced skills by integrating entertaining lectures with supporting hands-on exercises.

Provide the breadth required to set the context for this game-changing technology, as well as the depth to build skills to conceive and develop innovative SDN products and services.

Ensure individual attention from our instructors, by limiting enrollment.



SDN Essentials

Introductory Level
1 Day
Moderately Hands-On
Outcome: Think differently about networking


SDN for Developers

Intermediate Level
2 Days
Heavily Hands-On
Outcome: Ready to architect & build SDN products


SDN: Early Deployments and Use Cases

Intermediate Level
1 Day
Moderately Hands-On
Outcome: Effectively pitch, support, and sell SDN products


We offer custom on-site training tailored to your needs.

Testimonials and Feedback

The SDN technical training provided at the ONS conference was indeed invaluable. The speakers, their content and the hands-on exercises were great for us who were attending it at the first time. Great job, thanks to all from the SDN Academy.Lov K. Kher, Ph. D., EMC Consulting
The “SDN for Engineers” tutorial was a great combination of theory, practice, real-world industry insights, and hands-on building. The speakers were excellent and the training material was setup well, ensuring that I was able to quickly build SDN applications. It was a great way to start the ONS2013 conference, as the tutorial helped make the rest of the conference relevant.Richard Walker, Software Architect, ADTRAN

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  • Guru Parulkar
    Dr. Guru Parulkar (http://parulkar.com/) is the co-founder of SDN Academy. Guru has played various roles within the field of networking: Professor, Entrepreneur, Advisor to Entrepreneurs, and NSF Program Director. During the past six years, he has been in the middle of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) revolution and doing his part to make it a success. Guru is currently the Exec Continue Reading
  • Aseem Parikh
    A networking and communications industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Aseem brings broad operational and management experience to SDN Academy. Prior to founding SDN Academy, Aseem served as senior vice president at Guavus, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). At Guavus, he was instrumental in product definition, roadmaps and pre- Continue Reading
  • Asena Gencel
    Asena has been in networking industry for just over 15 years. She graduated from Stanford University in 1996 with a Masters in Electrical Engineering, and worked in several companies and startups as software development engineer and manager. In December of 1999, she joined Cisco as a software development engineer where she worked for 12 years at various groups and technology Continue Reading
  • Saurav Das
    Principal Consultant
    Saurav Das has been involved with SDN and OpenFlow since 2008. As part of his PhD work at Stanford with advisors Guru Parulkar and Nick McKeown, his research investigated a converged IP/MPLS/Optical WAN architecturally based on SDN/OpenFlow. He was the first to propose and demonstrate a multi-layer SDN based packet-optical network; as well as MPLS services like TE and VPNs Continue Reading
  • Brandon Heller
    Director, Course Content & Instruction
    Brandon Heller received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in June 2013. Involved in OpenFlow before it had that name, he served as main editor of the OpenFlow spec for three years. Brandon has led 7 tutorials for SDN, and his more recent projects include energy-efficient data centers (ElasticTree) and flexible network emulation (Mininet).
  • David Erickson
    Director, Course Content & Instruction
    David Erickson worked on his PhD with Professor Nick McKeown’s research group at Stanford University. David has been a contributor to the OpenFlow specification and reference software since the beginning of 2008. David is the original author of the NetFPGA OpenFlow switch software, the OpenFlowJ bindings library for Java, and the Beacon OpenFlow controller. His research uses Software Defined Networking Continue Reading
  • Nikhil Handigol
    Director, Course Content & Instruction
    Nikhil Handigol is a newly minted PhD in the Computer Science, from Professor Nick McKeown’s research group at Stanford University. His research at Stanford focuses on SDN and the architecture of the future Internet. He has been involved with OpenFlow since 2008. In particular, his PhD dissertation work focuses on using Software-Defined Networking to systematically debug and troubleshoot networks. He Continue Reading
  • Peyman Kazemian
    Director, Course Content & Instruction
    Peyman Kazemian received his PhD in Computer Science in June 2013 as part of Professor Nick McKeown’s research group at Stanford University. He has been involved with OpenFlow project since 2008, was part of the GENI effort to slice and share GENI network resources using OpenFlow, developed the first prototype for addition of MPLS support to OpenFlow as part of Continue Reading


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